About Us

The founder, Hamza Mohamed Noor Al Zubair, is an qualified Bahraini attorney
authorized to appear before all courts of law within the Kingdom of Bahrain including the Court of Cassation,  Constitutional Court, and is a registered arbitrator at several arbitral institutions. 



Hamza Mohamed Noor Al Zubair

Al Zubair moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain in December 1989. He holds 31 years of professional legal experience within the Kingdom, mostly as Legal Advisor in several entities, namely

  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (Ministry of Industry and Commerce)
  • Bahrain Stock Exchange (Bahrain
  • Bahrain Monetary Agency (The Central Bank of Bahrain)
  • National Audit Office from the date of its establishment
    in 2003 until 2021.

During his tenure as a Legal Advisor,  Al Zubair advised on business and regulatory regimes for public shareholding companies and corporate affairs. Throughout his work at Bahrain Stock Exchange and the Central Bank of Bahrain, he applied and advised on compliance regulations relating to the supervision of the the banking sector, listing and trading of shares.

Before working in the Kingdom,  Al Zubair worked at the Sudanese judiciary as sitting judge of the Court of Appeals for a period of 20 years.


Practice Areas

The Firm offers legal services in all major areas of commercial law, including corporate law, business transactions, and agencies, to labor law, litigation and arbitration. Whether it is a dispute resolution matter involving arbitration or litigation or a commercial business transaction requiring drafting of contractual documents or providing opinions on legal issues, the services of the Firm are of the highest standard.